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Alex Cox: Highway Patrolman & Three Businessmen (DVD)


A double bill of films from director Alex Cox

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Two films directed by Alex Cox, presented on BFI DVD.

Highway Patrolman

Highway Patrolman charts the harrowing transition from idealism to grim realism in an intense and brilliantly played character study that offers a fascinating and gritty insight into corruption and embittered disillusionment. Graduating as a top police student from the National Highway Patrol Police Academy, Pedro Rojas (veteran Mexican actor Roberto Sosa) and his college friend Anibal (Bruno Bichir) are sent to patrol a desolate highway. After strictly enforcing the law during their arduous 24-hour shifts, their dedication soon dwindles. Pedro's wife complains about his lowly wage and pressurises him into accepting bribes and so a steady descent begins.

Three Businessmen

Taking place during one night but in a variety of international locations, Three Businessmen is a surreal and subversive comic fantasy that pays homage to Luis Buñuel's The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (1972). Sharply scripted by Tod Davies to take in subjects as diverse as the theme music on answerphones and The Beatles, this stimulating, playful work displays Cox's liberating disregard for convention. American art dealer Bennie (Miguel Sandoval) and British art dealer Frank King (played by Cox) meet in the abandoned restaurant of a Liverpool hotel and set off in search of a decent meal. Attempting to suppress their hunger through conversation the pair eventually come across not sustenance, but another hungry businessman, Leroy Jasper (Robert Wisdom).

  • Highway Patrolman
  • Audio commentary by Alex Cox and writer/producer Lorenzo O'Brien
  • Patrulleros y Patrulleras: interviews with cast and crew of Three Businessmen
  • Audio commentary by Alex Cox and writer/producer Tod Davies
  • How to watch this film - cast and crew offer a masterclass in how to read the film; especially made for this DVD release by Alex Cox
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SKU 5035673007037
Catalogue Number BFIVD703
Subtitle Two films by Alex Cox
Year 1991, 1998
Director Cox, Alex
Format DVD
Publisher(s) BFI
Countries Japan , Mexico , Netherlands , UK, USA
Aspect ratio 1.77:1
Colour Colour
Sound Sound
Subtitles Highway Patrolman: English language, with optional hard-of-hearing subtitles
Language(s) Highway Patrolman: Spanish, Three Businessmen: English
Running time 177 min
DVD region 2
Certificate 15
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