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Best of the COI (2-Disc Blu-ray Set)


A 2-disc Blu-ray collection of some of the most loved, and in some cases feared films made by the Central Office of Information. Includes Apaches (John Mackenzie), Design for Today (Hugh Hudson), Insight: Zandra Rhodes (Peter Greenaway) and Drive Carfully, Darling (John Krish)

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The Central Office of Information (COI) was established in April 1946 as a successor to the wartime Ministry of Information. It went on to produce and distribute thousands of films for use across Britain, the Commonwealth and the world. Many famous faces have passed through the portals of the COI including luminaries of the British documentary movement such as Paul Rotha, Humphrey Jennings and Lindsay Anderson and in later years the likes of Hugh Hudson (Chariots of Fire) and Peter Greenaway (The Draughtsman’s Contract) who spent 15 years there. 

This 2-disc Blu-ray collection brings together many of the COI’s most loved (and in some cases feared) productions including Design for Today, Apaches, Lonely Water and Charley’s March of Time. 



Disc 1

  • Children of the City (1944, 31 mins)
  • Brief City (1952, 20 mins)
  • Design for Today (1965, 16 mins)
  • Voyage North (1965, 22 mins)
  • Lonely Water (1973, 2 mins)
  • Drive Carefully, Darling (1975, 17 mins)
  • Apaches (1977, 27 mins)
  • Building Sites Bite (1978, 29 mins)
  • Insight: Zandra Rhodes (1981, 15 mins)

Disc 2

  • Your Children and You (1946, 29 mins)
  • Waverley Steps (1948, 31 mins)
  • Charley’s March of Time (1948, 9 mins)
  • What a Life! (1948, 12 mins)
  • Another Case of Poisoning (1949, 13 mins)
  • Riding on Air (1959, 16 mins)
  • Smoking and You (1963, 12 mins)
  • The Poet’s Eye (1964, 19 mins)
  • Opus (1967, 28 mins)
  • Never Go With Strangers (1971, 19 mins)


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  • A selection of Public Information Fillers (PIFs) including Grain Drain, Searching and trailer for the COI film Tornado 
  • ***FIRST PRESSING ONLY*** Booklet featuring a new introduction by John Hall (Director, Films Division 1982-1989), a new essay on Smoking and You by Scott Anthony and previously published essays on all the other included films.
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SKU 5035673013762
Catalogue Number BFIB1376
Product contents 2 discs
Director Various
Format Blu-Ray
Publisher(s) BFI
Countries UK
Language(s) English
Running time TBC
Blu-ray region B
Certificate E
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