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Earthworks Bookwork (hereon - hereover – hereunder – hereafter) SIGNED


By Andrew Kötting 

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The Earthworks Bookwork takes Kötting’s trilogy of narrative films; This Filthy Earth, Ivul and Lek And The Dogs and digs into them as if they were an archaeological find.

With pages from sketchbooks, journals, scripts, notes and photographs from the three films as well as contextualising essays and contributions from amongst others; Gareth Evans, Sarah Lloyd, Rebecca Palmer, Dr Terry Perks, Julian Rowe, Philip Jenkinson, Vicki Jung, Dr Andrew Mitchell, Hattie Naylor, Sophia Phoca, John Roseveare, Iain Sinclair, Xavier Tchili and Ben Woolford, the book is a must-have for anyone interested in the thing that is Kötting’s oeuvre.

“My brain hums with scraps of poetry and madness”

Virginia Woolf

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SKU 9780956873378
Author(s) Kötting, Andrew
Subtitle (hereon - hereover – hereunder – hereafter)
Publisher(s) badbloodandsibyl with support from UCA
Format Hardback
Original publication date 4 JUne 2018
Number of pages 420 pages, full colour
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