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Hammer: Volume Two - Criminal Intent (Blu-ray Box Set)


Collection of four classic horror films from Hammer Film Productions

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Collection of four classic horror films from Hammer Film Productions, presented in a beautiful numbered limited edition Blu-ray box set, packed with extras and an exclusive 80 page book. 

In The Snorkel (1958), a man murders his wife by poisoning and gassing her. To prevent himself from being smothered by the gas, Paul Decker (Peter Van Eyck) invents a snorkel which allows him to breathe fresh air from outside of the room so that he can ensure his wife meets her demise. When his stepdaughter Candy (Mandy Miller)  suspects him of murder, he works fast to silence her before the truth gets out.

In Never Take Sweets from a Stranger (1960), two young girls find themselves at the hands of an abominable man who exploits children to satiate his own deviant urges. When Jean Carter (Janina Faye) and her friend Lucille (Francis Green) are out playing in the woods, Lucille encourages her to come to a place where they can both get sweets for free. They go to the mansion of Clarence Olderberry Sr. (Felix Aylmer) who forces them to dance for him. Jean approaches her parents later that night to tell them of her awful experience, but when they go to the authorities, they find that their plight falls on deaf ears due to the Olderberry family's power and status within the town.

In The Full Treatment (1960), a man seeks psychological help when he uncovers an insatiable urge to strangle his wife. After Alan Colby (Ronald Lewis) suffers a head injury and goes to the South of France to recover with his wife, Denise (Diane Cilento), he begins to fantasise about strangling her. Plagued by this urge, he approaches psychiatrist David Prade (Claude Dauphin) to help him suppress his compulsions before he acts them out.

In Cash On Demand (1961), a thief cleverly makes his way into a bank by pretending to be an insurance investigator and blackmails the manager into letting him leave with suitcases stuffed with cash. With bank manager Harry Fordyce (Peter Cushing)'s family held hostage, criminal Colonel Gore Hepburn (André Morell) has enough leverage to enable him to successfully carry out his operation. But for how long will the wily robber remain undetected by the police?

Titles available for the first time on Blu-ray. Limited to 6,000 copies.

  • Original Mono audio
  • New title-specific documentaries exploring aspects of each film
  • Two presentations of Never Take Sweets from a Stranger: the original UK theatrical cut, containing original titles and dialogue; and the alternative US version with amended Never Take Candy from a Stranger titles and censored dialogue
  • Never Take Sweets from a Stranger introduction by actor and filmmaker Matthew Holness
  • Archival audio interview with  Never Take Sweets from a Stranger director Cyril Frankel
  • Two presentations of The Full Treatment: the uncensored UK theatrical cut; and the censored US version with alternative Stop Me Before I Kill titles
  • Audio commentary with film historian Michael Brooke and author Johnny Mains on The Snorkel 
  • Audio commentary with film historians Jonathan Rigby and David Miller on Cash on Demand 
  • New and exclusive interviews with cast and crew members, including actors Janina Faye (Never Take Sweets from a Stranger) and Lois Daine (Cash on Demand), props master Peter Allchorne (The Snorkel) and second assistant director Hugh Harlow (The Snorkel)
  • Appreciations of composers Elizabeth Lutyens (Never Take Sweets from a Stranger) and Francis Chagrin (The Snorkel) by David Huckvale, author of Hammer Film Scoresand the Musical Avant-Garde 
  • Hammer’s Women: Betta St John (2018): Diabolique magazine’s editor-in-chief Kat Ellinger offers an appreciation of the American actress, singer and dancer
  • Hammer’s Women: Gwen Watford (2018): British cinema expert Dr Laura Mayne explores the life and career of the prolific English film, stage and television actress
  • Hammer’s Women: Diane Cilento (2018): Dr Melanie Williams, author of Female Stars of British Cinema, explores the life and career of the Australian theatre and film actress and author
  • Hammer’s Women: Lois Daine (2018): critic and author Becky Booth on the popular English film and television actress
  • Archival documentaries, interviews and featurettes
  • Original trailers 
  • Image galleries: extensive promotional and on-set photography, poster art and marketing materials
  • Exclusive booklets for each film, with new essays by Kat Ellinger, Julian Upton and Kim Newman, archival interview materials, contemporary reviews, and full film credits
  • New and improved English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing
  • World Blu-ray premieres of all four films
  • Limited Edition Box Set of 6,000 numbered copies

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SKU 5037899071281
Catalogue Number PHILTD058
Format Blu-Ray
Publisher(s) Powerhouse Films
Language(s) English
Running time B
Certificate 15
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