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The Moving Image Review & Art Journal - MIRAJ Vol 8.1+2


Edited by Michael Mazière & Lucy Reynolds

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Editorial - Michael Mazière, Lucy Reynolds 

‘Akerman’ on-screen: Chantal Akerman behind and before the camera, and after cinema - Griselda Pollock

 News From Home the redux version: Amodal perception and ‘la jouissance du voir’ - Maria Walsh 

 ‘A pedagogy of the image’: Chantal Akerman’s ethics across film and art - Kate Rennebohm 

 Revisiting Jeanne Dielman: Autour de Jeanne Dielman (2004), Woman Sitting After Killing (2001) and Akerman’s ‘cinéma de ressassement’ - Ros Murray 

 Sensory experience, sound and queerness in Chantal Akerman’s Maniac Shadows (2013) - Albertine Fox 

‘A matter of skin’: Chantal Akerman’s ‘porous narratives’ - Maud Jacquin 

Disappearance in the films of Chantal Akerman - Janet Bergstrom 

Ephemeral, elusive, impossible: Chantal Akerman and the concept of ‘home’ - Sandy Flitterman-Lewis 

On Les Rendez-vous d’Anna and Jeanne Dielmann - Dominique Païni 

Before, between and beyond: Chantal Akerman’s impenetrable landscapes - Jacqui Usiskin 

On marginality as resistance - Corinne Rondeau 

Seeing horizontally: Babette Mangolte interviewed by Bryony Gillard and Louis Hartnoll - Bryony Gillard, Louis Hartnoll 

From the Other Side at Documenta 11 (2002) - Alison Rowley 

Akerman the scavenger - Adam Roberts

Memory, Forgetting and the Moving Image, Caterina Albano (2016) - Sarah Durcan

Alternative Film/Video Festival (13–17 December 2017) and the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (3–8 May 2018): Film festivals as memory-work - Catherine Fowler 

Yvonne Rainer: The Choreography of Film - Philomena Epps 


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SKU 9772045629003.8.1-2
Editor(s) Mazière, Michael; Reynolds, Lucy
Original publication date 24 September 2019
Number of pages 192 pages
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