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Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series

Mark Frost and David Lynch
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A quarter century after revolutionizing television, Twin Peaks returns. Expanding the world you thought you knew, this limited event series takes you places wonderful, strange and farther out. This Blu-ray collection includes all 18 parts of the Showtime series, plus a wealth of exclusive, behind-the-scenes special features that will show you what's behind the 'red curtain' and the making of this extraordinary television event.

Series Promos

Twin Peaks: Phenomenon (Featurettes)

Comic-Con 2017: Twin Peaks Panel

A Very Lovely Dream: One Week in Twin Peaks

Richard Beymer Films

Rancho Rosa Logos

Behind-the-Scenes Photo Gallery

The Man with the Gray Elevated Hair

Tell It Martin

Two Blue Balls

The Number of Completion

Bad Binoculars

See You On The Other Side Dear Friend

Do Not Pick Up Hitchhikers

A Bloody Finger In Your Mouth

The Polish Accountant

A Pot of Boiling Oil

Additional Information
More Information
SKU 5053083143169
Catalogue Number 8314316
Subtitle A Limited Event Series
Year 2017 (BR 2017)
Director Mark Frost, David Lynch
Format Blu-Ray
Publisher(s) Universal Pictures
Language(s) English
Running time 1325 mins approx.
Blu-ray region A,B,C
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