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Another Gaze: A Feminist Film Journal - Issue 03


Edited by Daniella Shreir

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Another Gaze was founded early in 2016 in response to the difficulty in obtaining rigorous writing - whether online or in print - about women and film: its sources being disparate, or access requiring membership of an academic institution or the will and resources to get through a ‘paywall’. We are the only self-published printed feminist journal available today.

Feminist criticism is not, and should not be considered elite or specialist; nor should it require the reader to have a university degree or be a self-proclaimed 'cinephile'. Particularly since the advent of the internet, young women, queer people and people of colour, have had the opportunity to discover films which reflect and affirm their lives and aspirations in a manner which is harder to find in the prescribed male canon, and to create their own.

After Agnès Varda: A Roundtable Discussion – Grace Barber-Plentie, Jenny Chamarette, Lauren Elkin, Sandy Flitterman-Lewis, AS Hamrah, Sheila Heti, Kiva Reardon, Samia Labidi
Agnès Varda’s Brilliant Alchemy – Sandy Flitterman-Lewis
The words and worlds of Carolee Schneemann and Barbara Hammer with two thoughts by Agnès Varda – Alexandra Juhasz
Talking Cinema: Remembering Barbara Hammer (1939–2019) – Gabriella Beckhurst
Locating the Lesbian Hand in Barbara Hammer’s Early Films – Brodie Crellin
In Conversation With Barbara Hammer – Another Gaze
Thinking through Camille Billops (1933–2019) –Terri Francis
Projection, Introspection
The Making of a Millennial Woman – Rebecca Liu
“(Gay Panic)”: Why I Love Fan Subtitles – Devan Wells
The Communicative Power of Silence – Minou Norouzi
Femme, butch and in-between : re-seeing myself between the frames – Claire Mead
Glimpses of her: Grieving through cinema – David Lee-Astley
In Conversation With Akosua Adoma Owusu – Gazelle Mba
Studies in Natural Magic: The video work of Charlotte Pryce – Matt Turner
The Great Digestive Machine: inside the choreography of Loie Fuller and the underwater cinema of Geneviève Hamon and Jean Painlevé – Lauren Collee
No Other Voice: Claire Denis’s High Life – Hannah Paveck
A Different Kind of Duration: Lila Avilés’s The Chambermaid – Hannah Paveck
Dominga Sotomayor’s Unstable Utopias: ‘Too Late to Die Young’ – Bessie Rubinstein
In Search of Gloria Camiruaga, A Lesser- Known Pioneer of Chilean Video Art – Eliza Levinson
Who gets to be ‘the people’? Astra Taylor’s What Is Democracy? and Gabrielle Brady’s Island of the Hungry Ghosts – Rebecca Liu
Filming Philosophy: Interview with Astra Taylor – Esmé Hogeveen
Women on the Edge: History, Temporality, Sisterhood and Political Militancy in Marge Piercy’s Vida and Margarethe von Trotta’s Die bleierne Zeit – Hannah Proctor
From avant-garde masterpiece to divisive film remake — On Ingeborg Bachmann’s Malina – Brigette Manion
Crisis-women: Prostitution and Capitalist Modernity in Lina Wertmüller’s Love and Anarchy – Lila Bullen-Smith
It was me, but it was not me”: The Uncertain Feminism of Catherine Breillat – Beatrice Loayza
“You Don’t Know What You Want, Do You?” The Life and Work of Jane Arden – Joe Passmore
 Into The Shadows and Back Out Again: Penny Slinger’s Violent Seductions – Adina Glickstein
The Visible Woman: In Conversation with Penny Slinger – Sophia Satchell-Baeza

The Big Swallow: In Search of Yonic Imagery – Tilde Fredholm
A Portrait of an Unseen Female Grotesque: Carol Morley’s The Alcohol Years (2000) – Frances Hatherley
In Conversation With Ericka Beckman; On her Super-8 Trilogy – Jesse Cummings
The queer subjectivity of Charlotte Prodger’s BRIDGIT – Frances Whorrall-Campbell
Desire in Language – Suspended: Ulrike Ottinger’s Madame X and the Female Speaking Subject – Eva Klein
Still Appropriating?: Ulrike Ottinger’s Shifting Archive of Identity – J. Makary
Hito Steyerl’s Grey Zone – Mimi Howard
Red, White, Yellow, and Black: A Multiracial Feminist Video Collective, 1972-73 – Emily Watlington
On Ana’s Archive – Lily Hill Evans
“A known fact masquerading as a secret” – On Another Gaze’s ‘Unvictiming’ programme – Phoebe Chen
The Language of Traces: On Mati Diop – Bessie Rubinstein
Review: ‘Atlantique’ – Rebecca Liu
Review: Lee Chang-Dong’s ‘Burning’ – Phoebe Chen
Burning Rage: Oh Jung-mi and the Female Auteur – Suzanne Enzerink and Claire Gullander-Drolet
Angela Schanelec’s ‘I was at home but…’ / ‘Ich war zuhause, aber…’ – Laura Staab

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SKU AnotherGaze03
Subtitle A Feminist Film Journal
Publisher(s) Another Gaze
Editor(s) Shreir, Danielle
Format Paperback
Number of pages 226 pages
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