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Claps and Bangs: Film, sound and synch.


by Nicky Hamlyn

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This volume comprises a discussion of two brief film works: Sink, a section from Michael Snow's exhaustive film on sound-image relations Rameau's Nephew (1974), and Matchbox (audio-visual Experience, 1975), by Wojciech Bruszewski. Both films explore issues around the synchronisation of sound and image, which arise directly from the fact that in the film medium picture and sound are recorded on separate devices. Subsequently they must be synchronised manually during the post-production process. This „difficulty“ has generated numerous creative works around the idea of sync, of which these two are exemplary.

The text is accompanied by both films, in the form of digital files on a USB card, and a photograph of the author by Friedl vom Gröller. 

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SKU 9782954251653
Author(s) Hamlyn, Nicky
Publisher(s) Edition Antiphon
Format Paperback
Original publication date July 2017
Edition Limited numbered first edition
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