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Depiction is a Crime: Video Works 1969 - 1975 (DVD)


by Peter Weibel

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"Peter Weibel's earlier works (...) belong to the heroic years of a period of upheaval in which everything seemed possible in art. However, the artist not only made his appearance as a critic of public media but took the opportunity of presenting his own themes.' - Hans Belting

“Why a crime? In literary times the observer could not only observe but also be involved in the action itself and report afterwards with words. With pictures you cannot do this, because you are confronted with the decision: either to act / to intervene or to observe / to make a picture, because you cannot at the same time intervene and make a picture. A literary poet can be involved in an action and report afterwards, a picture poet cannot report with pictures afterwards. If he wants to make a picture of a man killing another one, he has no time to prevent the killing, and if he does not prevent it, then he cannot take the picture. However, with this picture he can communicate the killing to us. This kind of involvement is the same at home: detached. Time and morality: The price of a picture is sometimes a victim.” - Peter Weibel

This DVD Contains:

  • Publikum Als Exponat, 1969, 1 min 20 sec
  • Mehr Warme Unter Die Menschen, 1972, 2 min 30 sec 
  • Abbildung Ist Ein Verbrechen, 1970, 1 min 30 sec
  • Intervalle, 1971, 1 min
  • Tv-News (Tv-Tod Ii), 1970, 5 min 50 sec 
  • Synthesis. Ein/Aus, 1972, 1 min 50 sec
  • Tv-Aquarium (Tv-Tod I), 1970, 1 min 30 sec 
  • The Endless Sandwich, 1969, 2 min
  • Jede Aktion Lost Eine Andere Aus, 1967, 20 sec 
  • Imaginare Wasserplastik, 1971, 50 sec
  • Switchersex, 1972, 5 min 35 sec 
  • Trititat, 1975, 8 min 35 sec 
  • Selbstbegrenzung - Selbstbezeichnung - Selbstbeschreibung, 1974, 12 min 40 sec 
  • Parenthetische Identitat, 1974, 3 min 10 sec
  • Monodrom, 1972, 5 min 30 sec
  • Hausmusik, 1972, 17 min 55 sec 
  • Zeitblut, 1972, 4 min

Peter Weibel: Born 1945 in Odessa, Ukraine. Studied French, film and comparative literature for a year in Paris before transferring to medicine in Vienna in 1964, later changing to mathematics specialising in logic.

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20 page booklet with exclusive material, bilingual English-German text.
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SKU 9120020380249
Product contents 1 disc
Year 1967-75 (DVD 2007)
Director Weibel, Peter
Format DVD
Publisher(s) INDEX DVD Edition
Countries Austria
Colour Colour + B&W
Subtitles English
Language(s) German
Running time 72 min
DVD region 0, PAL
Certificate N/a
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