Kevin Brownlow

"A giant among film historians and preservationists"

Martin Scorsese

In 2011, Kevin Brownlow was honoured with an Academy Award for his lifetime contribution to film, a plaudit shared that year with Francis Ford Coppola and Jean-Luc Godard. In this illustrious company, his relative lack of public recognition is all the more obvious. But as Martin Scorsese made clear in his letter of nomination for the award, Brownlow deserves elevated acclaim. 

A director, film historian and restorer of silent films, Brownlow has diligently pursued his filmic interests over six decades with little regard for celebrity or career building. His key titles, It Happened Here and Winstanley, both co-directed with Andrew Mollo, present extroadinarily authentic depictions of English life both historical and imagined.

More recently, Brownlow masterminded the painstaking restoration of Abel Gance's 1927 silent epic Napoleon, the subject of a major BFI re-release in 2017. 

Read more about Napoleon's fascinating story here.

We're showing several Kevin Brownlow films at BFI Southbank in July 2018. We're delighted that Kevin will be joining us to introduce and discuss his work. Buy tickets here.