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Eleven Copla Songs (Audio CD)


by Elena Danino

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Elena Danino interprets songs known as Spanish copla. Copla is sung by those interpreters who are able to convey deep emotion and compelling lyrical expression.

"The lyrics deal with themes of love, women's trials and tribulations, often with ostracism and the repercussions of the transgressive sexual life of the female protagonists, the singer tells a story of sacrificial, idealised or masochistic love." - Manuel Vázquez Montalbán

Yet, the copla never descends into pathos, nostalgia or self-pity. There are many strong women characters and the lyrics are as much about survival and defiance as profound sadness.

Copla was made popular on radio, live spectacles and TV, women were the main singers and listeners of these songs and lived through the dramatic torments of the great divas.

The demanding and expressive power of the vocals of copla can lead us beyond genre to the performance of sorrow and the emotional life of the women protagonists within each song to make them live for the listener and audience.

This Audio CD contains:

  • 1. Francisco Alegre (Quintero, Leon, Quiroga) 4:11
  • 2. Te he de querer mientras viva (Quintero, Leon, Quiroga) 4:15
  • 3. Me embrujaste (Quintero, Leon, Quiroga) 5:48
  • 4. Romance de valentia (Quintero, Leon, Quiroga) 4:37
  • 5. Yo soy esa (Quintero, Leon, Quiroga) 3:51
  • 6. A tu vera (León, Solano) 3:16
  • 7. Pena, penita, pena (Quintero, Leon, Quiroga) 3:34
  • 8. Maria de la O (Valverde, Leon, Quiroga) 3:42
  • 9. El relicario (Oliveros, Castellvi, Padila) 3:11
  • 10. Y sin embargo te quitero (Quintero, Leon, Quiroga) 5:29
  • 11. Ojos Verdes (Valverde, Leon, Quiroga) 4:35

The recordings of A tu vera, Pena, penita and Ojos verdes are in the film I Die of Sadness Crying for You (2019) by Nina Danino.

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SKU 9502344681774
Product contents 1 audio CD
Year 2019
Director Danino, Elena
Publisher(s) Nina Danino
Countries UK
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