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Exhibiting Cinema in Contemporary Art


by Erika Balsom

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Once at the margins of the art world, film now occupies a prominent place in museums and galleries. Exhibiting Cinema in Contemporary Art explores the emergence of cinema as a primary medium of artistic production, offering an in-depth inquiry into its genesis, its defining features, and its ramifications. Erika Balsom also tackles cinema studies’ great disciplinary obsession—namely, what cinema was, is, and will become in a digital future. Rich in theoretical reflections and critical analyses, Exhibiting Cinema in Contemporary Art offers insights into the whole history of cinema from the vantage point of today’s art. 

About the Author

Erika Balsom is lecturer in Film Studies and Liberal Arts at King's College London.


Table of Contents


Introduction – The Othered Cinema

Chapter 1: Architectures of Exhibition

      The “Passages” of Cinema

      Projection and Patrimony

      Black Box/White Cube

      The New Blockbusters

      The Myth of Activity

      Media at MoMA

Chapter 2: Filmic Ruins

      Post-medium Post-mortem

      Indexing the Past

      A Little History of 16mm


      Analogue Aura

Chapter 3: The Remake: Old Movies, New Narratives

      Ambivalent Appropriations

      The Four Operations


      The False Promises of the “Utopia of Use”

      Remaking Fandom


      VCR Memories

Chapter 4: The Fiction of Truth and the Truth of Fiction


      Hybrid Forms

      Rehabilitating Narrative

      A Return of the Deal

      Two Images of Death

Conclusion – “Cinema and…”



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SKU 9789089644718
Author(s) Erika Balsom
Publisher(s) Amsterdam University Press
Format Paperback
Original publication date 24 Jan 2013
Number of pages 260 pages with 29 black and white illustrations
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