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I Clowns

Takes its place as one of the grand portraits of the clowning circus and the bygone era of the wandering entertainer.
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Never released on DVD before in the UK, Fellini's I Clowns arrives at last in a magnificent dual format edition (DVD & Blu-ray) from Eureka's revered Masters of Cinema imprint. 

Fellini's masterpiece is in a register all its own. It plays out in dazzling colour and in episodic cascade. As the circus rolls into town, and the big-tent is erected, the clowns execute their acts with feverish can-you-believe-it bravado. It's all true and yet not a "documentary" per se; rather, something in-between a dramatic-comedic portrayal of gags-at-play and the memoria of all that makes the spark for childhood inspiration to ignite into creative virtuosity... and/or into something like Federico Fellini.

A great and under acknowledged treasure of the cinema, I Clowns takes its place alongside such films as Bergman's Carnies' Twilight, Ophuls's Lola Montès, Étaix's Yoyo, Jerry Lewis's The Day the Clown Cried, and Tati's Parade as one of the grand portraits of the clowning circus, of a bygone era of the wandering entertainer. 

Special Features

  • Fellini's Circus — an essay-film about the picture by the great Italian critic and scholar Adriano Aprà
  • New and improved English subtitles
  • A 36-PAGE BOOKLET featuring new writing about the film, rare archival imagery, and a conversation between Craig Keller and Sabrina Marques.

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SKU 5060000701494
Catalogue Number EKA70149
Subtitle a film by Federico Fellini
Product contents 2 discs
Year 1970
Format DVD, Blu-Ray
Publisher(s) Eureka Masters of Cinema
Countries Italy
Aspect ratio 1.37:1
Colour Colour
Subtitles English
Language(s) Italian
Running time 97 mins
DVD region 2
Blu-ray region B
Certificate U
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