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Notes on the Cinematograph


by Robert Bresson (trans. Jonathan Griffin)

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Robert Bresson was one of the great artists of the twentieth century and among the most radical, original, and radiant sylists of any time. Notes on the CInematograph distills the essence of Bresson's theory and practice as a filmmaker and artist. He discusses the fundamental differences between theatre and film; parses the deep grammar of silence, music and noise; and affirms the mysterious power of the image to unlock the human soul. 

This book, indispensable for students of cinema and admirers of this great director, will also prove an inspiration, much like Rilke's Letters to a Young Poet, for anyone who responds to the claims of the imagination at its most searching and rigorous.

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SKU 9781681370248
Author(s) Robert Bresson
Publisher(s) New York Review of Books
Editor(s) trans. Jonathan Griffin (1986); Introduction by J.M.G. le Clezio (1986)
Format Paperback
Original publication date 1975
Edition 2016
Number of pages 88
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