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Sarah Pucill: Early Shorts 1990 - 1996 (DVD)


by Sarah Pucill

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Sarah Pucill's films and photographs explore the mirroring and merging we seek in the Other; a sense of self which is transformative and fluid. Her work is concerned with the idea that as subjects we are not separate. Pucill's individual cinematic language emerged in the 1990s in the context of visual arts and experimental film. Focusing on the materiality of film and the body, she creates a vivid and unsettling psychic world that sets up the imaginary as a potential site of resistance.

This DVD contains:
You Be Mother, 1990
You Be Mother uses stop-frame animation to disrupt the traditional orders of animate and inanimate, the fluid and the solid. An hallucinatory space is set up when a frozen image of the artist's face is projected onto weighty pieces of crockery atop a table. Ears, eyes, nose and mouth, all become spatially dislocated as a determined hand begins to reposition, decant and mix. Events unfold to the amplified sounds of grinding, pouring and stirring.

Milk and Glass, 1993
In Milk and Glass an interior landscape is scrutinised, and an apparent rational calm is revealed as suffocating. Milk and Glass is an evocative journey from surface to interior a black-coated mirror, the hollow of a bowl, a cavernous throat; a brush demarcates a line of lip on a flat surface, a mouth doubles up with the bowl and is virtually spoon-fed till it chokes.

Backcomb, 1995
In Backcomb the demonic is unleashed on domestic space. It takes the form of two of femininity's mildest tokens, hair and embroidery, that serve here in the creation of a sexualised surrealist experience. Within the claustrophobic space of a table-lay, a forceful and erectile mass of hair comes alive and slithers across its surface. The hair probes into vessels and punches through the cloth till finally order overturns and all smashes to the ground.

Mirrored Measure, 1996
Mirrored Measure features two women separated by a generation. The older woman ceremoniously lays a table she repeatedly spreads a cloth and smoothes it out. The table is set and glasses and jug filled with water. A balanced and controlled ritual follows in which the jug is passed round and water is repeatedly sipped. Water becomes the lens through which we see and the medium through which the protagonists connect. The sense of connectivity is abruptly severed when the first glass tumbles.

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SKU 2100000000760
Product contents 1 disc
Year 1990-96
Director Pucill, Sarah
Format DVD
Publisher(s) Sarah Pucill
Countries UK
Colour Colour + B&W
Language(s) English
Running time 33 min
DVD region 0, PAL
Certificate N/a
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