The Golden Age of Alexander Korda: Britain’s Movie Mogul

The Golden Age of Alexander Korda: Britain’s Movie Mogul

“Korda was the nearest thing to a magician that I ever met... He could make the impossible seem possible”
Ralph Richardson

Alexander Korda was the first filmmaker to earn international acclaim for British cinema and challenge the dominance of Hollywood.

As a charming but reckless wheeler-dealer, his profligacy was legendary and he was as creative with ideas as he was with finance. Korda pushed the boundaries of British filmmaking with his bold and quixotic approach, from erecting sumptuous sets at his Denham studio to shooting in colour in far-flung locations. A Hungarian émigré himself, he employed creative talent from all over Europe and his films testify to his skill at bringing together wonderful actors and artists, both literary and visual.

Knighted in 1942 for his services to the industry, Korda was at his most inspired during the 1930s, directing lavish biopics and producing visionary sci-fi films, elegant romantic comedies and extravagant Technicolor fantasies.

Josephine Botting, BFI Curator, Film & TV Fiction.

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