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“Listen, to be 80-years-old and on a steady job — that’s something”
Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda has led a remarkable life. She has fully exercised not just her body but every facet of her complex personality across a 60-year career. Actor, activist, fitness guru and writer – to track Fonda’s life is to take an off-road trip through American history. In the era of Lyndon B Johnson she embodied the sexy, insouciance of the 60s. As Nixon turned a darker corner, Fonda controversially dedicated her on and off-screen time to anti-war and civil rights protests, supporting the Black Panthers amongst other political activism.

The Washington Post dubbed her ‘a beautiful bundle of contradictions.’ And now, in the age of Trump, she’s back with a vengeance delivering blistering speeches on behalf of Black Lives Matter and selling age-appropriate sex toys to older women in the Netflix series Grace and Frankie.

To celebrate our two-month retrospective of Fonda's work at BFI Southbank, we're stocking some of her best titles. Browse the collection here. 

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