Andrei Tarkovsky

"The most important director of all time."

Ingmar Bergman

He made only seven features, but Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky is widely regarded as one of cinema’s true masters. Sight & Sound’s 2012 poll of the best films of all time saw no less than three of his movies – Mirror,  Andrei Rublev, and Stalker – voted into the top 30 by critics and directors. Ingmar Bergman once said: “Tarkovsky is the greatest of them all. He moves with such naturalness in the room of dreams. He doesn’t explain. What should he explain anyhow?”

The reverence Tarkovsky inspires and the oblique, sombre and high-minded nature of his work, and he refused to compromise his vision. Letting go of an urge to figure out a concrete meaning, audiences open themselves up to the rhythms of his slow, long takes (he famously described filmmaking as “sculpting in time”) and the mysterious magic of imagery which is hard to match for sheer beauty.

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