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‘I’d rather people feel a film before understanding it’
Robert Bresson

For all their simplicity, economy and reserve, the films of Robert Bresson have an extraordinary emotional intensity and austere beauty.

A devout Catholic, Bresson repeatedly returned to tales of transgression, redemption and grace. Mostly made with non-professional actors (whom he discouraged from emoting), they centre on protagonists striving to make sense not only of the world they inhabit but of their own thoughts, feelings and deeds. To this end, Bresson developed a highly distinctive style, a meticulous, methodical sequencing of shots and counter-shots focused on taciturn but watchful characters looking at one another, objects and actions in the hope of better understanding their predicament.

Geoff Andrew, BFI season programmer

The BFI is proud to present three key Bresson titles, newly available on Blu-ray. Browse the collection here.

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