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National Film Theatre Range

The National Film Theatre (NFT) was designed in 1957 by Norman Engleback and constructed in just 15 months. Built into the south side of Waterloo bridge, the NFT was conceived as a cinematic hub in the heart of the capital, bringing together a broad range of films and events under one roof. Expanded and renamed BFI Southbank in 2007, the building continues to serve as a much-loved haven for cinema lovers in the heart of London.

After extensive improvement work over the last year, we are delighted to re-open the Riverfront Bar to the public, now featuring an impressive terrace level which incorporates and celebrates the architecture of Waterloo Bridge, with stunning views of the bridge and the riverside below. We have also restored the original, listed National Film Theatre sign on the South West side of the bridge, now with added illumination!

To celebrate the reopening of the Riverfront, we've created this exclusive range of products to celebrate the history and visual identity of the National Film Theatre. Browse the collection here.

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