Beyond Your Wildest Dreams: Weimar Cinema 1919-1933

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams: Weimar Cinema 1919-1933

Groundbreaking, imaginative, innovative and astonishingly modern: welcome to the dreamscapes and nightmares of Weimar Germany.

Revolutionary chaos, economic turmoil, the collapse of authority: such was the shock experienced by Germans in the turbulent aftermath of WWI. In the fast-paced, unstable Weimar Republic, cinema was the latest sensation, a dream machine for a new mass audience. Thanks to brilliant aesthetic and technical innovations, Germany’s film industry was second only to Hollywood, conjuring extraordinary visions: dystopian cities, Alpine adventures, depraved nightclubs. And in its famous brand of ‘haunted screen’ horror, the darkest recesses of the human psyche found visible form.

Yet nightmares were only part of the dreamscape. This BFI season celebrates the sheer diversity of styles and genres from this groundbreaking era of German cinema. 

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