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Children’s Film Foundation Bumper Box Vol. 4 (DVD)


9 more classic adventures from the Children’s Film Foundation released for the first time on DVD in this 3-disc set

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Had enough of the hideous here and now? Take a moment of me-time, turn off your phone and whizz back to analogue days with this effervescent assortment of retro-cinema corkers from the Children’s Film Foundation – Britain’s best-loved makers of quality children’s cinema for kids young and old, from the boxy blazered 1950s to the synthetic-fibred 1980s.

This very British cinematic rabbit hole leads to a land of eccentric fun, silly scrapes and escapist thrills where you’ll encounter nine marvellous feature-length mini-masterpieces for kids, not to mention a sumptuous sideshow of unusually invigorating extras. So grab your outsize bag of sherbet lemons, crack open a Vimto and settle down for a terrific box-set binge to beat those modern-world blues!

The Films:

  • The Dog and the Diamonds (1953)
  • The Stolen Airliner (1955)
  • Blow Your Own Trumpet (1958)
  • The Missing Note (1961)
  • The Big Catch (1968)
  • Blinker's Spy-Spotter (1972)
  • The Flying Sorcerer (1973)
  • Mr Selkie (1978)
  • Gabrielle and the Doodleman (1984)
  • Five short films from the Children’s Film Foundation collection - Horsey hi-jinks and sneaky saddle-snappery in Stable Rivals (1952, 16 mins), saggy socked seaside shenanigans in Swift Water (1952, 16 mins), the Chiffy Kids meet Kenny ‘Dr Terror’s House of Horrors’ Lynch and Harry H ‘Steptoe and Son’ Corbett in Pot Luck and Chimp Mates – The Big Kick (1976, 36 mins total) and reminders of pre-internet pastimes in Our Magazine No 4 (1952, 11 mins)
  • A brand spanking new documentary by filmmaker and CFF aficionado Jason Gurr as he revisits some of the greatest ever  locations used in the many productions
  • Fully illustrated booklet featuring new writing by CFF expert Vic Pratt, recollections from Samantha Weysom (The Appointment) on her role in Mr Selkie and a CFF quiz by the BFI’s Trevona Thomson   
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SKU 5035673021354
Catalogue Number BFIV2135
Product contents 3 discs
Year 1953 - 1984
Director Various
Format DVD
Publisher(s) BFI
Countries UK
Colour Colour, Black & White
Language(s) English
Running time 502 mins total
DVD region 2
Certificate PG
BFICID_ID 150005404 150050325 150015524 150227763 150123050 150078952 150040468 150043700 150329631
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