Agnès Varda

I had an idea that I could make a film that was words, music, images and movement – I thought, that will be art.

Agnès Varda

Agnès Varda may bear the intimidating title of ‘grandmother of the French New Wave’, and be lauded as a pioneering member of the Left Bank, but her work is surprisingly accessible. She’s an endlessly curious filmmaker whose interest in the margins of society and female subjectivity, together with her vocational background in photography, has resulted in a playful and fiercely political body of work.

Discovery, provocation and striving to reach an understanding of society and humanity are all hallmarks of her films, yet Varda refuses to idly sit in one genre or stick to one style. Over the course of her more than 60-year career, she has effortlessly switched between feature-length fiction, documentary and shorts. Her work can be self-reflexive, referencing the deeply personal, but there’s also rich historical detail embedded in her hugely empathetic and mischievous films.

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The BFI is delighted to host a major two month retrospective of Varda's films, beginning in June 2018.

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