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Do Not Adjust Your Set (3-Disc DVD Set)


The most definitive release to date of the ground-breaking sketch show, one of the most innovative and influential British comedy series of the Swinging Sixties


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Innovative and influential, and originally envisaged as children’s show, Do Not Adjust Your Set was a madcap early-evening comedy sketch show that quickly acquired a cult following with Swinging Sixties adults, who rushed home from work to see it.

Written by and starring Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Eric Idle, with great performances and additional material by David Jason and Denise Coffey, it also provided an early showcase for the hilarious animations of Terry Gilliam, and the brilliantly bizarre musical antics of the legendary Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band. 

For the first time anywhere, all the fully existing episodes from the Rediffusion and Thames series of the show are brought together at last in one place for a deluxe package that includes five episodes new to DVD, at least two of which were previously thought lost, alongside new interviews with series creator and producer Humphrey Barclay, writer and performer Michael Palin, uninvited guest star Tim Brooke-Taylor, animations from Terry Gilliam’s personal film collection, and a new documentary about the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, featuring new interviews with 1960s originators and key personnel Neil Innes, Rodney Slater, Roger Ruskin-Spear and ‘Legs’ Larry Smith. 

  • Features all the episodes known to exist for the very first time on DVD
  • Includes both the Rediffusion and the Thames Television episodes for the very first time
  • Features five episodes never before released on DVD – including the long-thought-lost Boxing Day pilot episode, the recently-recovered Series 1 Episode 4, the Summer-Special Special Edition, the full-length Do Not Adjust Your Stocking Christmas Special and the only fully-existent show from Series 2: episode 2
  • The Christmas Card (1968, 3 mins); Beware of the Elephants (1968, 3 mins); Learning to Live With an Elephant (1968, 4 mins): animations by Terry Gilliam, newly scanned from his own 35mm film masters 
  • We Just Want You to Invent the Show (2019, 34 mins): Humphrey Barclay on his comedy career from Footlights to Rediffusion
  • Putting Strange Things Together (2019, 33 mins): Michael Palin recalls his early TV days, including Do Not Adjust Your Set
  • The Funniest Thing on English Television (2019, 7 mins): John Cleese reflects on the show’s impactThe Uninvited Guest Star (2019, 5 mins): Tim Brooke-Taylor on his Do Not Adjust Your Set appearance
  • Bonzos on the Box (2018, 60 mins): new feature-length documentary on The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band featuring Neil Innes, Rodney Slater, Roger Ruskin-Spear and ‘Legs’ Larry Smith
  • The Intro and the Outro (2018, 2 mins): a newly filmed introduction by Neil Innes
  • The Doo-Dah Discotheque (2019): a Bonzo video jukebox 
  • Lost Listens (1969, audio): rare sound-only excerpts from missing Thames episodes 
  • The Humphrey Barclay Scrapbook: photos, cuttings and drawings from the legendary producer’s personal archive 
  • Do Not Adjust Your Scripts: reproductions of scripts from missing Rediffusion episodes
  • Illustrated booklet with an introduction by Michael Palin, an exclusive interview with David Jason, new contributions from Humphrey Barclay, Neil Innes, ‘Legs’ Larry Smith and Kaleidoscope’s Chris Perry, plus essay and episode guide by the BFI’s Vic Pratt, comedy context by Dick Fiddy and musical notes by The Doo-Dah Diaries’ David Christie
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SKU 5035673021200
Catalogue Number BFIV2120
Product contents 3 discs
Director Daphne Shadwell
Format DVD
Publisher(s) BFI
Countries UK
Colour Black & White
Subtitles English Hard of Hearing
Language(s) English
Running time TBC
DVD region 2
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