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Akira Kurosawa

‘The term “giant” is used too often to describe artists. But in the case of Akira Kurosawa, we have one of the rare instances where the term fits.’
Martin Scorsese

Throughout January and February 2023, the BFI is celebrating the towering cinematic legacy of director Akira Kurosawa with a landmark season of screenings and events.

Like a gathering storm, much of  Kurosawa’s cinema begins with a portent of the turbulence to come. But within his work lay a poetry – both in his visual style and the depth of his characters – and a fascinating exploration of Japanese culture past and present.

From his Shakespeare adaptations to his contemporary thrillers, Kurosawa earned the adulation of audiences and the admiration of filmmakers, with Federico Fellini describing him as ‘the greatest living example of all that an author of the cinema should be’.

Asif Kapadia and Ian Haydn Smith, BFI Kurosawa season curators

The BFI Shop is proud to present a wide range of Kurosawa films on Blu-ray and DVD, as well as books and select titles from other labels.

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