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Valentino (Dual Format Edition)


Limited Edition Dual Format Edition

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Controversial British director Ken Russell (Women in Love, The Devils) tells the story of one of the silver screen's greatest legends, Rudolf Valentino, in this flamboyant and sexually-charged film.

Starring world-famous ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev as the adored silent screen actor of the early Hollywood age, Valentino explore the star's humble beginnings as an immigrant in the United States, where he worked for a minimal wage before becoming a New York City gigolo. We then follow him to California, where his good looks allow him to seduce respected actresses. Eventually, his famous lovers help him become a leading man, and he quickly ascends to stardom where he can't escape the media's questions about his past and sexuality.

Previously unavailable on Blu-ray, Valentino is an enthralling biopic from one of Britain's most distinctive and celebrated filmmakers.

  • Presented in both High Definition and Standard Definition
  • Audio commentary with Tim Lucas
  • Original TV spots and trailers
  • Dudley Sutton remembers Ken Russell and filming Valentino (2015, 22 mins)
  • The Guardian Lecture: Ken Russell in conversation with Derek Malcolm (1988, 90 mins, audio with stills)
  • Lynn Seymour remembers Rudolf Nureyev (2003, 9 mins, audio with stills)
  • Tonight: Nureyev on Ken Russell and Valentino (1977, 9 mins)
  • Stills & Special Collections gallery (2016, 10 mins)
  • The Funeral of Valentino (1926, 9 mins)
  • Textless opening and closing credits
  • Isolated music and effects track
  • Fully illustrated booklet with extensive credits and newly commissioned essays
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SKU 5035673012345
Catalogue Number BFIB1234
Product contents DVD and Blu-ray editions
Year 1977
Director Ken Russell
Format DVD, Blu-Ray
Publisher(s) BFI
Countries United Kingdom
Aspect ratio 1.85:1
Sound PCM stereo audio, Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo
Subtitles English Hard of Hearing
Language(s) English
Running time 128 mins
DVD region 2
Blu-ray region B
Certificate 18
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