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Invisible Adversaries (DVD)



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"Anna, an artist, is obsessed with the invasion of alien doubles bent on total destruction. Her schizophrenia is reflected in the juxtapositions of long movie camera takes with violently edited montages: private with public spaces; black & white with colour, still photographs with video, earsplitting sounds with disruptive camera angles. Anna uses her body like a map; after a devastating quarrel with her lover, she paints red stitches on herself. Watching their scenes together, we realize how seldom, if ever before, the details of sexual intimacy have been shown in film from the point of view from a woman. Export privileges rupture over unity and never settles for one-dimensional solutions." - Artforum, Nov 1980

"The film feels a little as if Godard were reincarnated as a woman and decided to make a feminist version of The Invasion of the Body Snatchers." - Amy Taubin, Soho Weekly News

"A winning combination of visual wit and frank, sometimes slapstick, sexuality." - Jim Hoberman, Village Voice

VALIE EXPORT: Born in Austria 1940. Degree in textile design from the Technical School for Textile Industry in Vienna in 1964. Currently she is a professor at the Academy of Media Art in Cologne, Germany. Lives in Vienna, Austria and Cologne, Germany.

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20 pages booklet with exclusive material, bilingual English-German text.
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SKU 9120020380218
Product contents 1 disc
Year 1976 (DVD 2007)
Director Export, Valie
Format DVD
Publisher(s) INDEX DVD Edition
Countries Austria
Colour Colour + B&W
Subtitles English
Language(s) German
Running time 104 min
DVD region 0, PAL
Certificate N/a
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