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Plunge (DVD)


by Vivian Ostrovsky

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"An intimate – yet humorous – act of cultural resistance, the cinema of Vivian Ostrovsky is a gesture, implying the filmmaker’s entire body – as she travels around the world, carrying the gear, framing with a camera-eye. She digs in archival footage for an immense repertory of cinematic gestures performed by others – and playfully edits them with her own Super-8 shots. Multi-culturalism and polyglotism are woven into this poetics of displacement." - Bérénice Reynaud

"Playing with images and sounds, Vivian Ostrovsky succeeds in foiling the the artifices of cinema, experimental or not, making it look natural. She quietly endeavors to transform habits of cinematographic creation and consumption, reminiscent of Kubelka's analogies between cinema and the culinary arts. It's all a question of measuring and 'savoir-faire': accompaniment as art." - Yann Beauvais

"Vivian Ostrovsky's new tak on old school experimetnal filmmaking feeds off the quirky, poetic, micro-events and rhythms of daily life. Her directorial expertise spans both uproarious and mediatative fugues of footage found and shot and encompasses inventive, often-personal, long-form documentary. Viewers become enmeshed, induced to feel these films vividly, as though they are somehow their own memories." - Kelly Gordon

Vivian Ostrovsky (born 1945 in New York, United States) is an experimental filmmaker and curator based in Paris. Ostrovsky’s films explore the theme of transit and she situates herself after French filmmaker and critic, Yann Beauvais between the “journall film” and the “collage film”.

This double DVD contains:

  • Ice/Sea, 2005, 32 min
  • Uta Makura (Pillow Poems), 1995, 20 min
  • U.S.S.A., 1985, 12 min
  • Eat, 1988, 16 min
  • American International Pictures, 1997, 12 min
  • Work and Progress, 1999, 12 min
  • Tatitude, 2009, 4 min
  • Public Domain, 1996, 13 min
  • Allers-venues, 1984, 14 min
  • Losing the Thread, 2014, 9 min
  • Movie (V.O.), 1982, 9 min
  • The Title Was Shot, 2009, 9 min
  • Whereever was Never There, 2011, 7 min
  • P.W.Paintbrushes and Panels, 2010, 16 min
  • CORrespondencia e REcorDACOES, 1983, 12 min
  • Copacobana Beach, 1983, 10 min

All rights of the producer and of the owner of the work are reserved. Unless authorized by the rights holder, no duplication, hiring, lending or public screenings are allowed. For institutional purchase please contact Re:Voir directly.

  • 60-pages booklet with articles by Amy Taubin, Federico Rossin, Vivian Ostrovsky.
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    SKU 3493551101604
    Product contents 2 discs
    Year 1982-2014 (DVD 2019)
    Director Ostrovsky, Vivian
    Format DVD
    Publisher(s) Re:Voir
    Colour Colour
    Sound Sound
    Subtitles English
    Language(s) French
    Running time 215 min
    DVD region 0, PAL
    Certificate N/a
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