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The Anarchist Rabbi (DVD)


by Adam Kossoff

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“On Yom Kippur,” speaks the voice of anarchist Rudolf Rocker, “Jewish anarchists and socialists marched past local synagogues defiantly smoking or brandishing ham sandwiches.” Adam Kossoff’s meditative documentary focuses on German-born Rocker, who campaigned with London’s East End Jewish immigrants over 100 years ago. He spoke and wrote in Yiddish, organized garment trade unions and advocated for anarchism as the solution for class inequality. Through the narration of actor Stephen Berkoff, Rocker’s ghost comes to life as it haunts the locations where the Yiddish workers’ movement was once vibrant. The Anarchist Rabbi is a reflection on how urban development buries the history of such vital working class movements.

“Adam Kossoff’s marvellous film tells the story of Rudolf Rocker’s London years, his involvement in the Jewish anarchist movement and the development of anarchist communism and anarcho-syndicalism…” - Ruth Kinna, Anarchist Studies

The Anarchist Rabbi… establishes Rocker as a spectral figure capable of weighing heavily on and catalysing the present era…  Kossoff contrasts a culture of refusenik resistance with a present day in which 'the city has become nothing but a war machine for the conquest of the people that it belongs to.'” - Sukhdev Sandhu, Sight and Sound

Adam Kossoff is an artist, filmmaker and writer. His moving image work addresses and questions the relationship of the moving image to different spatial and technological contexts. His single screen and video installation work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.

This DVD is for private home use only, please contact LUX directly for institutional orders.

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SKU 10130550
Product contents 1 disc
Year 2015
Director Kossoff, Adam
Format DVD
Publisher(s) Forest Spring
Countries UK
Colour Colour
Sound Sound
Language(s) English
Running time 47 min
DVD region 0
Certificate N/a
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