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One Or The Other (DVD)


by Adam Kossoff, narrated by John Graham Davies

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“I have learned and dismantled all the words to construct a single one: Home.” - Mahmood Darwish

"And so, where there is catastrophe there will always be those who live unseen on the other side of the screen. Those who are unseen, even if they walk amongst us. And those who cannot see the unseen, for they are too busy lobbying the political elites of their homeland country, ensuring that they donate large sums of money for the defence of a nation that they don’t live in."

One Or The Other is a rich visual essay that probes the relationship between the homeland and the creation of a nation state in Palestine-Israel. Home movies and archive film overlay long takes of contemporary Israel; the presentation of these different historical periods asks questions of history, loss and the manner in which cinema has been used as a tool of propaganda and expropriation.

Adam Kossoff is an artist, filmmaker and writer. His moving image work addresses and questions the relationship of the moving image to different spatial and technological contexts. His single screen and video installation work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.

This DVD is for private home use only, please contact LUX directly for institutional orders.

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SKU OneOrTheOther
Product contents 1 disc
Year 2018
Director Kossoff, Adam
Format DVD
Publisher(s) Forest Spring
Countries UK
Colour Colour
Sound Sound
Language(s) English
Running time 57 min
DVD region 0
Certificate N/a
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